Inflatable Packers

Inflatable packers can be used for isolating zones in open-hole or in cased hole where a casing impairment is encountered. Typically used for stage cement work, testing, treating, production, or injection. Inflatable packers can be used in horizontal or vertical well bores. 

(DST) Drill Stem Testing Tools

Drill Stem Testing (DST) Tools are used in exploration wells where an operator would like to evaluate an unproven formation for commercial viability. DST tools can be used in open hole or cased hole testing scenarios. 

Composite Frac Plugs

 The Wolf Oil Tools fully composite frac plugs competently isolate frac zones in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells during plug and perf operations.  

Dissolvable Frac Plugs

The Wolf dissolvable frac plug dissolves rapidly to deliver full-bore production without milling in minimal time.  

Inflatable Wireline Setting Tool

The Wolf Oil Tools Inflatable Setting Tool (IST) offers inflation of inflatable bridge plugs or inflatable packers on wireline.

Liner Hangers

Liner Hanger is a tool/system that is used to hang a liner in a production well. Liner is similar to casing, but it is not run to the full depth of the well